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Trump opens up about speaker race in CBS interview

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Trump Face The NationDonald Trump gave placid support for the possibility of Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House saying he’d “be OK” with it.

In an interview set to air Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation” the 2016 presidential front-runner told host John Dickerson that he believe Ryan could get the support to secure the position if he really wants it.

“Well, I think he’s somebody that probably that could get good support,” he said. “I think he’s a very nice person. I think he doesn’t want it very badly, but you never know. Maybe he’s playing one of the great games of all time. It is Speaker of the House, I mean, it’s a great position. But he doesn’t seem to want it. But I’ll bet you that if it was actually offered to him, he would take it.”

Trump believes Ryan is “strong” but his baggage on entitlements could hurt him.

I think that when Mitt Romney chose him last time, it was a tough choice because he’s been so anti-Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, in a sense. You know, he would say he hasn’t been, but they certainly played that up hard,” Trump said. “But Paul Ryan’s a good man. I know him very little, but I think he’s a very good person.”

The comments echo remarks Trump made on Twitter Saturday where he said Ryan would be “far from my first choice.”

However, Trump cautioned, there are other people who might grab the brass ring, particularly because Ryan hasn’t declared his intention to run for the position yet.

“It may not be him. I mean, they have a couple of people in there, I’m not going to mention names. But people I know that are really tough and really smart. And right now, that’s what we need because the Republicans never win,” he said. “Everything, whether it’s on Obamacare, whether it’s on the debt ceiling, no matter what we have, there’s never, ever a victory. So we need a toughness and we just don’t have there right now.”

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