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Trump answers the question, does he pack heat?

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dickerson-trump2-topRepublican presidential; front-runner Donald Trump revealed Sunday that he occasionally makes use of his concealed carry permit.

After confirming to CBS News host John Dickerson on “Face the Nation” that he’s had a permit to carry concealed weapons for a number of years, the newsman asked why.

“Because I like to have myself protected,” Trump answered.

“Do you carry?” Dickerson asked.

“Sometimes, the real estate developer said. “I’m a big Second Amendment guy.”

He went on to say that had someone had a weapon in the Oregon Umpqua Community College classroom that was the scene of a recent bloodbath, “the result would have been better.”

The second position paper the Trump campaign issued dealt with the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Trump also told Dickerson that his new book, “Crippled America,” will be coming out in a few weeks and much of it has to do with the Second Amendment.

Watch the exchange, via CBS News.


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