Proud American: Where this maze is located and why it matters

Patriotic Fox And FriendsA 12 acre corn maze to raise money for military charities is getting some deserved attention.

Rose Corona, the owner of Big Horse Feed, appeared on “Fox and Friends” Sunday and explained why she created the maze.

“I guess it probably came from Fox News,” Corona told Anna Koiiman. “I noticed how much you featured the military and they are very, very important to us. Where our maze is located is near camp Pendleton and a lot of military people fly over it and we figure this is a way that we can let them know how much we appreciate their service.”

Corona, whose father served in World War II said patriotism is very important to her.

“As the sign says freedom isn’t free,” she said. “There are a lot of veterans and people that fought and died for our freedom. And the people that are serving in our military now, our men and women, they need our support more than ever.”


Corona said the monies raised from the maze supports charities like the Gary Sinese Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, The VFW and even ALS Golden West Chapter because “as you may or may not know many of our Veterans are being diagnosed with ALS, probably twice as many as the general public,” she said.

Watch the entire interview below.

Carmine Sabia


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