Obama’s ‘mentor’ Jeremiah Wright enlightens DC: ‘Jesus was a Palestinian’

Obama’s favorite America-daming pastor Jeremiah Wright argued Saturday that “Jesus was a Palestinian” during his speech at the Justice or Else! event in Washington, DC.

“We are grateful to God to be able to be here and to speak a word on behalf of Palestinian justice,” Jeremiah Wright, who once served as pastor to President Obama, began in his remarks on the National Mall.

“Please remember, Jesus was a Palestinian, the Palestinian people have had the Europeans come and take their country, ignoring United Nations resolutions, after resolution, after resolution, over 40 resolutions, and illegally occupied territories, as they take the people whose [country] it is, and make it theirs because their God told them that they could have somebody else’s country,” Wright said.

The fiery Chicago-based pastor and numerous other speakers gathered at the rally, which was hosted by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, to mark the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March.

Wright also touted “boycott, divestment, and sanction” of Israel while arguing and “apartheid is going on in Palestine.”

“Boycott, divestment, and sanction is how we fought non-violently to bring an end to apartheid in South Africa. Apartheid is going on in Palestine as we sit here,” the reverend said. “There’s an apartheid wall being built, twice the size of the Berlin Wall in height, keeping Palestinians off of illegally occupied territories, where the Europeans have claimed that land as their own.”

He likened the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States to Palestinians in Israel.

“Palestinians are saying ‘Palestinian lives matter.’ We stand with you, we support you, we say God bless you,” he concluded. “The youth in Ferguson and the youth in Palestine have united together to remind us that the dots need to be connected and what Dr. King said, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, has implications for us as we stand beside our Palestinian brothers and sisters, who have been done one of the most egregious injustices in the 20th and 21st centuries.”

Alicia Powe

Alicia Powe

Alicia Powe is a staff writer for BizPac Review. She worked in the War Room of the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee and served as a White House Intern during the George W. Bush administration. Alicia has written for numerous outlets, including Human Events, Media Research Center, Townhall.com and Daily Surge. Alicia is New York Native who currently resides in Washington D.C.
Alicia Powe


85 thoughts on “Obama’s ‘mentor’ Jeremiah Wright enlightens DC: ‘Jesus was a Palestinian’

  1. Muhayer Boy says:

    Hey Louie and Jere, just where is this Palestine you are talking about? There was no such country in Jesus’ time. Oh I forgot, when quoting Black Muslim-ism or Black Theology, you are free to make history up.

  2. rosemarienoa says:

    Jeremiah & Louis are TERRORISTS & are guilty of HATE SPEECH but 0zer0 gives them a pass because of the color of their skin !!!!

    1. tedlv says:

      Ok, now I get censored again. Welcome to communism.

      1. tedlv says:

        They totally embody the term [email protected]@ER. Sorry, I have co-workers and other acquaintances that have dark skin. They are human beings. Jeremiah, Louis, and 0bama are not humans, they are [email protected]@ERS.

  3. Mary Brown says:

    Palestine is a region, not a country, that existed before Jesus was born! Do a search on Palestine and Bible and you will find that it is mentioned in the Old Testament 4 times!

  4. tbird90sc says:

    Obama is a world class political troll, so much more his mentor.

  5. JKellogg says:

    There are so many partial truths in Wright’s comments that once he draws his policy prescriptions from them, there are only the thinest of threads left connecting him to reality.

    While it’s true that many have ancestoral and similar historical, religious, etc, connections to a particular area, a STRONG CASE can be made that the root of the problems there really began in the aftermath of WWI. Here is a good article describing the post WWI decisions (mostly by Freace and England) An astute reader will find everything from Hamas, to Iraq, to ISIS, Iran, Zionism.


    For anyone trying to make sense of what’s going on over there, this article is a great start.

    Then going back to what Rev Wright claims… You can tell (IMHO) it like he’s got a different drum to beat and a different rhythm too! Yet somehow he thinks he’ll just “fit right in” with the rest of the middle east parade groups. My assessment? Nope, not now, not ever.

    If you really want to know what’s the main thrust of Rev Wright’s ministry, look no further than a Google search on “Black Liberation Theology” with an emphasis on its relationship to Marxism.

    It’ll also tell you a lot about the mind of Barack Obama during his first term.

  6. GuateNY says:

    I didn’t think Rev. Asshat’s IQ could drop any lower.

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