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What would you do? School orders student to remove shirt honoring fallen soldiers or go home

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Student ShirtAn Oregon student was sent home from school for a shirt he wore honoring fallen soldiers because it had a gun on it.

The principal of Dexter McCarty Middle School in Gresham told the eighth grader, Alan Holmes, that he would either have to remove the shirt or go home. Holmes chose the latter, and his father came to get him.

“They won’t let me wear a shirt that supports the people that keep us free, I’m not gonna support them,” the young man said.

“I was nervous and kind of heartbroken,” Holmes told KPTV. “Because I feel like I should be able to support the troops who died for us.”

Holmes’ parents support his decision to not remove the shirt which read “‘Standing for Those Who Stood for Us,” in part because their other son was in the Marines.

“I’m proud of him,” his father, Charles said. “I would’ve stood up for the same thing. I mean, I would’ve done the same thing.”

The school told KPTV they couldn’t comment because of confidentiality issues but they stand by the decision as they believe weapons on a shirt are inappropriate.

Holmes told KPTV he plans on doing a research project to learn more about the soldier memorial depicted on his shirt in his spare time.


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