ISIS themed Halloween display has neighbors enraged; who’s the guy in Obama mask?

A New Jersey homeowner’s Halloween display, unveiled on Sept. 11, is causing outrage among his neighbors for depicting President Obama as an Islamic State soldier and seeming to glorify the terrorist organization, though he said his intention is the opposite.

The display includes a machete wielding figure, a figure representing the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive wearing an orange jumpsuit in a cage, a hanging effigy of a U.S. soldier, bloody mannequin body parts strewn across the lawn, and even a mannequin of President Obama as an ISIS soldier.

Photo credit CBS 2 NY.
Photo credit CBS 2 NY.

“We choose to be on the spookier side of Halloween,” homeowner Bill D’Catt, who along with his roommate devised the display, told CBS 2 NY. “You know what’s scarier than this thing? The real ISIS.”

He said that, contrary to what many neighbors think, his display stands in opposition to ISIS.

Photo credit CBS 2 NY.
Photo credit CBS 2 NY.

“This is an anti-ISIS setup here. In no way is it meant to put down America in any sort of way,” he said.

The Obama figure in particular caused a big outrage in the neighborhood.

“I think it was a momentary kind of, ‘Let’s put the [Obama] mask on him,’ and then the mask came off,” he said.

Photo credit CBS 2 NY.
Photo credit CBS 2 NY.

“We didn’t mean to offend anybody,” D’Catt told CBS.

But offend they did.

“I don’t support it,” a neighbor told CBS. “I don’t think a lot of other neighbors do.”

“It really created a huge uproar,” neighbor Barbara Victor added.

D’Catt said that even though they have removed the display, they intend to erect it again for the day and night of Halloween.

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