Actor Seth Rogen’s VULGAR message to Ben Carson – guess he’s not ready for a black president

rogenNow that Republican presidential contender Ben Carson has established himself as a serious candidate for the White House, his critics on the left are bringing out the long knives.

One of the most telling examples of this is the GQ Magazine hit piece attacking the retired neurosurgeon in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Oregon, titled “F**k Ben Carson.”

Turns out, the article apparently serves as little more than a green light for other liberals to repeat the sentiment, as seen from actor Seth Rogen, who posted the following remark on social media the same day his new film, “Steve Jobs,” opened in theaters — in case you were looking for something NOT to do this weekend:

*Caution: Adult Language

It doesn’t take much effort to imagine the media reaction should a conservative actor, or publication, offer a similar assessment of President Barack Obama. Or the reaction from the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg, and on and on.

Fox News’ Eric Bolling summed it up well during an appearance Friday on the “The O’Reilly Factor.”

What TGI Friday’s just did to cops has patrons
saying, ‘I’ll never set foot in your restaurant again’

“Near the bottom of the liberal food chain are white males, you can say anything you want about them,” Bolling said. “But even below that, at the very bottom, are black conservatives.”

Just ask Herman Cain. Or Clarence Thomas.

Rogen’s manufactured outrage was the result of Carson saying the Holocaust would have been “greatly diminished” if Jews had guns — a comment made to highlight a possible effect of strict gun control.

Thankfully, we have social media to put things into the proper perspective … with just the right amount of snark. Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter that suggest Rogen may want to stick to acting:


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  1. mindy1 says:

    And people expect us to listen to these fools?!

  2. RedSoloCup says:

    Good, Seth Rogaine has been on my “Do Not Watch” list for 5 years.

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