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Would be ‘freaking amazing’; MSNBC’s Maddow uses props in bizarre on-air fantasy about Boehner remaining speaker

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maddowMSNBC’s Rachel Maddow took great delight in lampooning Republicans, Thursday, over their difficulty with selecting a new Speaker of the House after Kevin McCarthy dropped out.

“When Kevin McCarthy pulled out of the race to become House speaker today, sure it might have been for some other reason that we don’t yet understand, but it pretty much seems like he pulled out because he couldn’t win,” Maddow said with glee, holding props to mock the Republicans. “He couldn’t get enough votes from his fellow Republicans, he couldn’t get 218 votes to win that top job.”

She predicted none of the remaining candidates may be able to get 218 votes, and the chances of conservatives compromising is low.

Maddow ridiculed the idea of the GOP being unable to decide on a candidate who could get 218 votes, which would lead to absolutely nothing getting done and “Congress just closes.” Or John Boehner would not be allowed to quit.

Maddow said it would be “freaking amazing” if Boehner is forced to stay as speaker, gloating, “It would be truly a nightmare for this group of Republican hardliners––who just claimed Kevin McCarthy’s scalp… and they just killed John Boehner’s tenure as Speaker––if the ultimate result of all of this is that John Boehner not only can’t quit, but he can’t be fired, they can’t get rid of him!”

Not quite.

It looks more, and more like Paul Ryan might be eyeing the job as speaker – and he’d be widely supported.

Sorry libs!

Alicia Powe


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