University halts idiotic policy on gender-neutral bathrooms after peeping incidents

restroomsLGBT fanatics have worked relentlessly to create “gender-neutral” bathrooms to accommodate cross-dressers, and have even forced schools and other establishments to allow those identifying as the opposite sex to use the bathroom of their claimed gender.

Opponents of gender neutral bathrooms argue that they put people in danger, particularly women and children, who could be taken advantage of by individuals who may claim they’re “transgender” but are really perverts in disguise.

Liberals mocked such claims, saying that wouldn’t happen. But it has.

The University of Toronto was forced to recognize the existence of two genders after two separate incidents of “voyeurism” were reported on campus, prompting the university to temporarily reverse its policy on gender-neutral bathrooms and re-establish separate bathrooms for male and female students sharing its coed residences.

Male students in the Whitney Hall student residence were caught in mid-September in so-called gender-neutral, communal bathrooms holding their cellphones above female students’ shower stalls and filming them as they showered.

“Given the serious nature of these incidents and the impact on directly affected students, we made the decision to specifically designate some washrooms in Whitney Hall for those who identify as men and those who identify as women,” dean of students at the University of Toronto, Melinda Scott said.

The University maintains that “more than 50% of the washrooms in the residence remain gender-neutral” so that they are not intolerant to the transgender community.

The other half of the bathrooms will be reverted back to “male” and “female” restrooms, as a “temporary measure” to “provide a safe space for the women who have been directly impacted by the incidents of voyeurism and other students who may feel more comfortable in a single gender washroom in the wake of these events.”

Alicia Powe


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