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More on Trump’s Hispanic superfan: Send the others back, she WAITED 5 years for citizenship!

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trump rallyDonald Trump was upstaged during his rally in Las Vegas Thursday by a Colombian woman who had waited five years to receive an American visa.

“He needs to send illegal (immigrants) out of the country,” the woman later identified as Myriam Witcher told the Las Vegas Sun. “I came here legally.”

Trump spotted Witcher in the crowd waving a magazine featuring him on the cover, and the Republican front-runner invited the her to the stage.

Witcher’s enthusiasm was more than evident on the stage as she screamed “I love Mr. Trump! I’m Hispanic and I vote for Mr. Trump! ”

Trump, acknowledging to the crowd the irony of a Hispanic immigrant randomly professing her support, asked Witcher, “Is this a set-up?” as she shook her head.

“I swear to you — I think she’s totally beautiful and yet I’ve never met her before,” Trump said.

Witcher returned the favor telling the Sun, “I’m Hispanic, Latina and I love me some Trump.”

“He’s the perfect man, a businessman.”

You can watch her stage debut below:



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