Florida Five: Webster’s wild speaker bid topples McCarthy, Q-Poll’s major Senate race gaffe

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips:

Dan Webster 2Webster topples McCarthy’s speaker bid – In one of the most unlikely upsets in American political history, Winter Garden’s little-known congressman U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster’s long shot bid for the speaker’s position has topped front-runner U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California. McCarthy withdrew late [Thursday] morning after Webster’s bid picked up 40 votes from the House Freedom Caucus late Wednesday. Read more

More on this developing story:

Webster: ‘Up to the members’ to decide how shutdowns are handled

Dan Webster’s district may be in trouble but his campaign for speaker just got a booster shot

About Quinnipiac’s irrelevant Fla Senate poll – What’s the point of polling Florida’s U.S. Senate race if you exclude one of the main candidates running in said U.S. Senate race? Quinnipiac University did just that, releasing a poll that tested potential general election matchups with only two of the four credible Republicans running. Leaving off political newcomer Todd Wilcox, whose viability remains uncertain, is understandable. But leaving off U.S. Rep. David Jolly, R-Indian Shores? Read more

Democratic presidential debate to be held March 9 in Miami – The Democratic National Committee set a date Thursday for their planned 2016 presidential debate in Florida. It will take place March 9 in Miami. The state’s primary will follow on March 15. The debate will be co-hosted by Univision and The Washington Post. By March 9, many primary voters will have already cast early ballots either by mail or in person. A Republican debate is scheduled for the next day, March 10, also somewhere in Florida. Read more

Island fiscal crisis shifts Puerto Rican power from NY to Florida – The largest Puerto Rican population may be in New York, but to get the attention of federal officials and presidential candidates, a group of Puerto Rican activists and officials are betting Florida’s Puerto Ricans carry more weight. Puerto Rican members of Congress, activists and others from around the country are convening in the central Florida city next week to rally attention to Puerto Rico’s fiscal crisis and other issues regarding the island nation and Puerto Ricans on the U.S. mainland. Read more

John Morgan offers 9-1 match on medical marijuana donations – Orlando lawyer and medical marijuana champion John Morgan has promised to match donations to his political action committee on a nine-to-one match so that a $100 donation turns into $1,000 for the effort to fully legalize the drugs. Read more

ICYMI: Video of judge sending domestic violence victim to jail for not testifying sparks OUTRAGE from all sides

Kudos! UM is hardest Florida college to get into, no others made top 100

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