What TGI Friday’s just did to cops has patrons saying, ‘I’ll never set foot in your restaurant again’


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When will it end?

Three parole officers in Franklin, Tennessee, were asked to leave a T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant on Tuesday because they were armed, according to WSMV-TV.

While in uniform.

The president of the Tennessee Fraternal Order of Police, Johnny Crumby, said that being in uniform, the officers are in effect, on active duty.

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“The officers are out there to protect the public,” Crumby said. “If somebody comes in while someone is on their lunch break, they are not off-duty. They are still an officer. They’ll respond to whatever occurs there.”

WSMV Channel 4 Customers are banned from carrying guns at T.G.I. Friday’s, but law enforcement officers are allowed to eat while armed, WSMV-TV reported. The restaurant chain’s corporate office apologized for the incident in a statement:

The incident at our Franklin, Tennessee restaurant was caused by a manager’s misunderstanding of our company gun policy, and that manager has since been coached on the policy and now knows that police officers are always allowed to carry guns in our restaurants, whether they are in uniform or not. We have reached out to the officers to personally apologize for the unfortunate misunderstanding, and we’ve invited them back in to join us for a free lunch.

  It’s encouraging to see the chain do the right thing, but the bad publicity T.G.I. Friday’s endured on social media as a result of the incident will leave be hard to overcome. Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:





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119 thoughts on “What TGI Friday’s just did to cops has patrons saying, ‘I’ll never set foot in your restaurant again’

  1. LRob says:

    Have been meeting with friends at TGIFridays for lunch every other week for about the last eight years. We’ve already picked our alternative.

    Friday’s is history in our book.

  2. NeghVar says:

    You can’t hold an entire company liable for the actions of a single free-willed employee. So many people are pointing their finger at TGIF corporate. What did TGIF itself do to these officers? Nothing! It was the actions of an individual employee.

    1. Doug says:

      Why can’t we? We can make any ludicrous assumptions that we so choose.

    2. teila says:

      The concept of liability / vicarious liability is one of the many things that attorneys have to explain to clients sssslllllooooowwwwwlly.

  3. Voice_of_Reason says:

    Why should cops be allowed to carry guns if law abiding, permitted citizens cannot?

  4. ElderAmbassador says:

    Just another limp attempt to keep business. TGI can go find criminals to replace me. Hopefully they will cash bad checks to pay for their booze, etc.

  5. Pam MacKay Drummonds says:

    I don’t buy for a second that the manager was just unclear on the policy. It is common sense that officers can carry their weapons anywhere they go. He knew exactly what he was doing, and the corporate big wigs are trying to make fools out of the public by giving this lame explanation. Furthermore, I don’t want to eat anywhere where common citizens with a permit to carry are not allowed to arm themselves. If someone were to come in to rob the establishment or worse, everyone in there would be sitting ducks because they weren’t allowed to protect themselves.

    1. teila says:

      You’re fool enough to believe most of the 911 explanation aren’t you. You’re foolish enough to believe all the reasons we should’ve been in Iraq. You’re foolish to not be concerned about all the missing money and all the pockets that got lined while the war raged on. You’re foolish enough to think that your vote matters much in the grand scheme of things when compared to a good sized pocket book…. Why wouldn’t a company think you wouldn’t be gullible enough to suck up whatever lame story they put out for media consumption? Most people don’t find their comment(s) even worthy enough to discuss … and couldn’t care less what the manager’s or corporate explanation was.

  6. RedMeatState says:

    Next to Hooter’s, this place has some of the worse restaurant food there is!!! Really? People eat here?

    1. tedlv says:

      You go to hooters for the food?

      1. RedMeatState says:

        it’s a terrible place to find a girlfriend!

  7. Texas Belle says:

    Open carry becomes the law in Texas in January. TGIF should be prepared because if they throw everyone with a gun out they won’t have many customers.

  8. Darth_Soetoro says:

    People are not perfect. We all make mistakes. Reacting shows concern but there’s such a thing as overreacting. One location manager made a mistake and you want to punish all locations and all other employees? The corporate policy has been explained and does not exclude officers with guns. If it did, OK, boycott. But it doesn’t so calm down and let reason guide you. Welcome to the Dark Side!

    1. teila says:

      Someone with a brain.

  9. Rocketmissile says:

    God forbid, don’t make sure your customers are safe. Total idiocy!

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