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Social media makes fun of Obama’s human prop’s sob story

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President Obama got busy pandering to the American working class and unions Wednesday, in a speech devoted to raising the minimum wage.

With the presidential election nearly a year away, and one foot out of the White House door, the Obama administration embraced the #RaiseTheWage movement that helped bring minimum wage increases to cities like Seattle and Los Angeles.

What better way to bring unions and a disillusioned middle-class back into the good graces of the Democrat Party than to take that fight nationwide?

The White House stunt was complete with a human prop, as Twitchy reported, and plenty of social media touting their not-so-original ideas. The White House also made sure to let the public know that anyone who dares to disagree agree with its position is against cops, teachers, firefighters, and well, just about everybody.

But the charade didn’t end there.

A man named Terrance Wise was paraded out to give his sob story about working for two long decades at only $8 per hour. There were no raises after two decades?

Folks just weren’t buying it.

Jarrett was able to #StartTheConvo with #FightFor15 alright:

Then, the White House went completely incoherent:


After the failed attempt at cleverness, the White House got serious:

Oh, now they hear you. Or not:


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