MSNBC focus group member calls Hillary Clinton ‘bitchy’; sparks revealing conversation

bitchyA Democratic member of a New Hampshire political focus group seemed reluctant to say what she really thought of Hillary Clinton on national television.

The woman, identified by MSNBC as Shannon, told moderator Mark Halperin, Wednesday, that Hillary’s “scorned” tone can be “off-putting.”

“Tell me what it’s like, what are you seeing,” Halperin asked.

Shannon sighed.

“You know, when she’s — I don’t want to use the word,” she said.  She then apprehensively whispered to Halperin that the former first lady is “bitchy.”

The other members of the group shared a similar perception about Clinton and predicted that the Democratic front-runner’s condescending demeanor will likely cost her the election.

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Alicia Powe


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