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Megyn Kelly dishes on ‘dust-up’ with Donald Trump: We didn’t want war

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kellyFox News ratings queen Megyn Kelly talked at length Wednesday about her testy relationship with Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, and said she’s “sure” the real estate tycoon will eventually appear on her show again.

Appearing on “The Charlie Rose Show” on PBS, Kelly discussed the initial blow-up that took place during the first Republican debate that she helped moderate.

“Neither one of us wanted any sort of a war with Donald Trump,” Kelly said, referring to Fox News chief Roger Ailes and herself. “We didn’t think that benefited the channel, we didn’t think it benefited me, and we don’t think it benefited Donald Trump.”

Trump would likely agree with that assessment, Kelly said, adding that Ailes was in her corner all along.

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“I actually spoke with Roger every day during that whole dust-up,” she said. “There were some reporting that he had abandoned me or he had chosen somebody over me. But that wasn’t true. Roger and I spoke every day for over an hour at times. And he wanted to make sure I was OK.”

Their goal, she said, was just “to move forward, you know, put a period at the end of it.”

As for Trump appearing on her show again, she didn’t rule it out.

“I’m sure he’ll come back on eventually,” Kelly said, when Rose asked if she wanted him back on the show. “I think that will be a big moment. Don’t you think that will be a big television moment, right?”

Ya’ think?

Kelly also talked about her relationship with Ailes, and stressed that he did not dictate coverage on the network, saying of such rumors: “That’s all B.S.”

When asked by Rose if she could see herself telling her boss she accepted a job at another network, Kelly didn’t rule the possibility out, but made it clear it’s not likely to happen.

“That would be a tough conversation to have,” she replied. “I really care about Fox and I really care about Roger and he’s been nothing but good to me.”

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