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Harvard’s debate team loses competition to PRISONERS who argued against illegal immigration

prison debate team
The Eastern New York Correctional Debate Team

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An Ivy League education just isn’t what it used to be.

A group of New York inmates from a maximum security prison in Napanoch, New York, have toppled Harvard’s prestigious debate team in a debate over illegal immigration.

Defending the idea that schools should be able to turn away students who are children of illegal immigrants, the Eastern New York Correctional Debate Team managed to score a victory in a friendly match against the Ivy League undergrads, according to the BBC.

Harvard’s team – which has won the 2015 national title and the 2014 world championship – was a formidable opponent for the group of inmates, who have also notched victories against the teams at West Point and the University of Vermont.

The group of neutral judges apparently felt Harvard’s rebuttal to the prisoners’ anti-illegal immigrant argument wasn’t enough to save their dignity, giving the win to the team of prisoners who take in-prison classes taught by Bard College faculty.

Maybe the Republican Party should ask Bard College faculty for some helpful tips.

Michael Schaus


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