Trump’s ‘indefensible’ take on eminent domain sparks immediate backlash; ‘neither conservative nor ethical’

Donald Trump is pushing his luck with conservatives.

The Republican presidential front-runner, appearing Tuesday on Fox News’ “Special Report,” told host Bret Baier that eminent domain is “wonderful.”

“You’re not taking property. You’re paying a fortune for that property,” Trump said, while adding that most people hold out for more money not because they love their property.

Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard, discussing Trump’s interview afterwards, blasted Trump for his beliefs on eminent domain.

“The fact that Donald Trump thinks that developers and business, through the hand of government, can go in and seize property, I find that stunning,” he said. “This was a full and passionate embrace of eminent domain and the power of government to go after the little guy.”

Trump didn’t fare much better on social media where he was chastised for his stance, including one person who called his position “neither conservative nor ethical.”

Carmine Sabia


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