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Hillary sends note, gift to GOP candidates; see how Jindal and Cruz respond

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Republican presidential hopefuls, Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Bobby Jindal, responded to a passive-aggressive note from Hillary Clinton sent last week along with a “gift.”

The Democratic presidential front-runner sent a copy of her book, “Hard Choices,” to the candidates along with the note and said they had “enough people for a book club.”

“I understand that you and your fellow Republican candidates for president were questioning my record of accomplishments at your last debate, so I thought you might enjoy reading my book, ‘Hard Choices,'” she wrote. “From working to restore America’s standing in the world to bringing crippling sanctions to Iran to negotiating a ceasefire in Gaza, please enjoy all 596 pages of my time as secretary of state.”

The idea for the “gift” came from Clinton and her aides as she campaigned in the Northeast, in response to Republican criticism that Clinton had no accomplishments qualifying her to be president, according to CNN. She joked about the stunt during a campaign appearance in Iowa this week. “I have now sent each of them a copy of my book, ‘Hard Choices,'” Clinton said. “There are so many of them, they could start a book club.”

Cruz responded on Twitter by saying he would “return the favor” and send her a copy of his book. 

Jindal offered Clinton a deal. He would read her book if she would watch the undercover Planned Parenthood videos released by the Center for Medical Progress.

Carmine Sabia


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