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FBI probes SECOND data company as State Dept. presses Hillary’s private attorney over gap in emails

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clintonAnd the beat goes on … pounding a rhythm to the brain.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continues to be engulfed in the ongoing FBI probe into her use of private email accounts, with authorities expanding the investigation to include obtaining data from a second tech company.

Adding to the candidate’s angst, the State Department is demanding answers to why there appears to be a gap of at least two months in emails Clinton turned over — a gap that dwarfs Richard Nixon’s infamous 18-minute gap on White House tapes.

Clinton’s personal lawyer, David Kendall, is being pressed on whether his client turned over all official emails to the department, according to Fox News.

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Fox News obtained a letter from State Department official Patrick Kennedy which states that “the Department has become aware of emails that were sent to or received from former Secretary Clinton between January and March 2009,” and Kendall is asked about the apparent two month gap.

“As a result, I ask that you confirm that, with regard to her tenure as Secretary of State, former Secretary Clinton has provided the Department with all federal records in her possession, regardless of their format or the domain on which they were stored or created, that may not otherwise be preserved in the Department’s record keeping system,” Kennedy wrote to Kendall. “To the extent her emails might be found on any internet service and email providers, we encourage you to contact them.”


Regarding the second tech company, which is cooperating with FBI agents, there are questions about whether additional emails are being recovered and if anyone at the company had access to classified information that was in Clinton’s server, as the employees do not have security clearances.

Fox News reported:

A source familiar with the investigation told Fox that the FBI contacted Connecticut-based Datto, Inc. in September and asked them to preserve all data they had which may be connected to Clinton. Datto was hired to help back up data in May 2013 by Platte River Networks, the Colorado-based tech company that managed Clinton’s server and has already been cooperating with the FBI investigation.

The cooperation of a second tech company raises new questions about whether the FBI is now obtaining any of the emails that Clinton says she and her attorneys deemed to be personal and deleted, as Republican critics have demanded to know if any of those emails were really work-related emails that should have been turned over to the State Department along with other federal records.

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