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Trump ‘shuts down’ CNN’s Cuomo in testy interview, not falling for media’s ‘sleazy tricks’

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GOP presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, ripped CNN anchor Chris Cuomo apart on social media minutes after an “unprofessional” CNN interview.

Trump initially seemed excited Tuesday morning to be interviewed on CNN’s New Day, and sent out a tweet enticing his followers to tune in for the segment.

His morning appearance, however, quickly turned into a controversial feud with Cuomo.

Cuomo asked Trump, during the twenty-five minute interview, about recent polls showing a “contraction” in Trump’s numbers, which he said were “coming down a little bit.”

“You were at the top of all the polls. There is a contraction,” Cuomo declared. “Carly Fiorina, Carson, depending on the poll, people are catching you. It’s actually making people start to speculate about when you’ll get out of the race, which I find very unusual.”

“There’s contraction in your mind, Chris,” Trump shot back, citing other polls showing him with a wider lead.

“Are you thinking about when you would get out of this race?” Cuomo pressed.

“Not even a thought, not even one percent of a thought,” Trump said. “It’s a phony deal that was perpetrated on the public. I was asked a simple question by Chuck Todd at “Meet The Press”. And people, I gave a very honorable and honest answer. I said, sure, if I was doing terribly like some of these people, I wouldn’t stay in. I mean, who would stay in?”

The real-estate tycoon blasted the press for taking his recent statements, about what would cause him to drop out of the 2016 presidential race, out of context.

“The media is so dishonest, it’s so disgusting… I’m not getting out, I’m going to win.”

Moments after Cuomo concluded the interview, Trump made it clear he didn’t think it went well and retweeted a flurry of scathing criticisms from viewers lambasting the CNN anchor.






Cuomo wondered, on the air after the interview, why pressing the GOP front-runner on whether he’ll stay in the race rubbed him the wrong way.

The contentious exchange between Cuomo and the Donald begins at the 18:35 mark in the video below.

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