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Raul Castro rallies corrupt leaders at United Nations

Brothers Fidel and Raul Castro / Source: diariodegoias.com.br

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Let’s see if I’ve got this right. Cuba’s Castro boys, Raul and Fidel, have caused one of the most corrupt and disastrous failures any country has ever experienced in history. Yet, we are treated recently to Raul’s speech at the United Nations where he criticized the way some of the world’s most successful countries operate. Sort of like the street gang drug dealer criticizing a productive, self-sufficient family.

Raul’s an odd little guy who looks and acts a lot like Tim Conway’s comedy character, Mr. Tudball. This tinhorn banana republic dictator told the U.N. General Assembly that Western nations’ imperialism is the root of all human rights evils in today’s world. On cue, most of the kumbaya African leaders in their funny dictator hats expressed joy at Castro’s “statesmanlike” comments, joining a few Latin American socialist dictators in a standing ovation. Picture a pack of losers at an Occupy Wall Street rally, warmly clapping at the words of some self-important, radical derelict who lives off the donations of socialist billionaires.

What an amusing, living-the-lie performance Castro gave. This hardline communist despot criticized Western nations for “aggression and interference in the internal affairs of (countries) and the ousting of sovereign governments by force.” Pardon me for interrupting, but that is precisely what Raul and drug dealing Bro Fidel did when they forced a bloody, revolutionary coup in Cuba. U.N. functionaries would do well to remember that Raul acted as an executioner during the Cuban revolution, as well as after his brother took power. He was known for his ruthlessness and brutality. Years later, he suggested that his nickname should be “Raúl the Terrible” for his role in hundreds of killings.

But all is forgiven by the U.N. leaders, some of whom are as guilty of crimes as the Castros. Yes, Raul and the U.N. fit together like a hand in a glove, working hard to erode the values that have made America the most successful country in history. In fact, if you want to gauge the true worth of any politician, ask him or her their opinion of the United Nations. The answer will speak volumes about their political core beliefs.

The one thing that Castro was right about in his speech was his charge that the U.N. is merely an “illusion” when it comes to the promises in its charter to promote justice and human rights. But, for Raul, everybody else is wrong except him and his buddies in the Latin American leftist leaders club. Neither the United Nations nor Raul Castro have ever allowed truth to govern their political actions.

Castro is an ugly reminder that evil people still wield destructive power in this world, and that others who claim to be well-intentioned continue to empower them.

John R. Smith


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