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Geraldo FAILS to explain: If voter ID ‘hurts poor people’ then so will gun control

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Screenshot (381)Fox News’ liberal commentator Geraldo Rivera apparently doesn’t care if poor people can afford to defend their families.

Fox’s Eric Bolling took Rivera to task on “The Five” Monday, for supporting universal background checks as part of “common sense” gun control. Bolling debated that such legislation would likely burden low-income communities disproportionately – an argument that’s been used by the left against Voter ID laws for decades

“Poor people, minorities in high-crime urban area will have to make the choice between buying this gun to protect [their] family or feeding [their] family,” Bolling argued, claiming that the fees associated with obtaining a background check (as high as $200 in Maryland) discourage law-abiding, low-income citizens from following the law.

Rivera dismissed the argument as “preposterous” while railing against a “gun sick” America, implying that such checks might alert authorities to potential threats by monitoring how many guns individuals purchase.

“Didn’t you buy a gun last week, and the week before that, and the week before that? What do you need thirteen guns for?” he asked.

“Are you suggesting we limit how many guns you can buy?” Bolling asked.

Rivera ignored Bolling’s question, replying simply that universal background checks are a “no brainer.”

Bolling and his co-hosts also pointed out that background checks would not have stopped the vast majority of mass murders, but that didn’t dissuade Rivera from towing the Democrat Party line on gun control.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter whether or not their proposals would have any impact on gun violence. Despite the fact that the left argues against “voter ID” laws because they allegedly discriminate against disadvantaged communities, financially burdening low-income citizens who want to exercise their Constitutional rights is still considered a “no brainer” for gun-grabbers, like Geraldo.


Michael Schaus


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