Disorder makes woman pour drain cleaner in eyes; choosing to be blind, like choosing gender?

A North Carolina woman, who claims she intentionally went blind, doesn’t believe she had a choice. Jewel Shuping said, ever since she was six years old, she believed […]

White man posts selfie with co-worker’s black toddler and all hell breaks loose

A white employee at an Atlanta-based marketing firm was fired after his Facebook friends left racist comments on a picture he posted of himself with a black […]

Trump ‘shuts down’ CNN’s Cuomo in testy interview, not falling for media’s ‘sleazy tricks’

GOP presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, ripped CNN anchor Chris Cuomo apart on social media minutes after an “unprofessional” CNN interview. Trump initially seemed excited Tuesday morning to […]

Hero delivers emotional tribute to hometown Oregon shooting victims on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

A National Guardsman and “Dancing with the Stars” contestant, who became famous for helping thwart a terror attack on a French train, was enrolled at the Oregon […]

Brother of Oregon shooting victim has message for Obama; ‘Quit running the gun agenda’

The brother of a survivor of last week’s Oregon college shooting blasted President Barack Obama Monday, for audaciously politicizing the tragedy by touting gun control within hours of the massacre. […]

One comedian could single-handedly DESTROY Hillary, says Geraldo

What can stop Hillary Clinton? Benghazi? Whitewater? The email scandal? According to Fox News host Geraldo Rivera, it’s none of these. On Monday’s “The Five,” Rivera said the […]

Ivy league professor calls Ben Carson ‘coon of the year’; where’s the liberal outrage?

From Christian Spencer of Campus Reform: University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthea Butler called Presidential Candidate Ben Carson a “coon” for claiming that people have the right to […]

James Woods’ awesome 4-letter word shows socialist Bernie Sanders doesn’t know jack!

Actor James Woods schooled Sen. Bernie Sanders with one four-letter word. Woods responded to the presidential candidate’s tweet, Monday, on expanding Social Security so that Americans could “retire […]

Retiring Harry Reid slams old-time ally NRA, social media dishes harsh dose of REALITY

Now that Harry Reid doesn’t need the support of gun owners anymore, he’s pointing both barrels at the National Rifle Association. The retiring Senator from Nevada, who […]

San Francisco’s last gun store closing its doors as gun laws become unbearable

The last gun store in San Francisco is closing for good thanks to the city’s draconian gun laws. “It’s with tremendous sadness and regret that I have […]

Bully anti-gun lobby wants Oregon sheriff FIRED for ‘irresponsible’ pro-gun stand

The Oregon sheriff who is leading the investigation into the recent shooting at Umpqua Community College has made it clear that he doesn’t trust the federal government […]

ISIS convert targets SEAL who killed Bin Laden, releases address: ‘Hunt down and kill’ him

The Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden has been marked for murder by a female, Muslim convert and supporter of the Islamic State. The British citizen, […]