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Trouble brews after Dunkin’ Donuts employee yells, ‘we don’t serve cops here!’

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When an employee at a Connecticut Dunkin’ Donuts store noticed a law enforcement officer waiting in line to order a cup of coffee Saturday, the employee loudly proclaimed to a store full of customers, “He didn’t get the message. We don’t serve cops here,” police said.

The West Hartford police officer, who  turned around and left the store, was quickly intercepted by the manager and the employee who made the remark.

The employee apologized, claiming that the remark was made jokingly, and the manager offered the officer a free cup of coffee.

The officer declined.

Michelle King, Dunkin’ Donuts’ senior director of global public relations, issued a statement on Sunday, according to the Hartford Courant:

We are aware of the situation at the Dunkin’ Donuts at 1234 Farmington Ave. in West Hartford. The crew member exhibited poor judgment and apologized immediately to the police officer. The franchise owner, a long-time supporter of local police, has also reached out to apologize on behalf of the restaurant. Dunkin’ Donuts and our franchisees share a commitment to the well-being and fair treatment of all guests.

In another incident, last week at a Providence, Rhode Island outlet of the chain,  a police officer’s coffee came in a cup that had #BlackLivesMatter written on it, according to GoLocalProv.

As news of the Connecticut incident spread, the Connecticut State Police tweeted its support of the chain, in an effort to turn the other cheek.

When NBC New York tweeted of the incident, plenty of folks on social media were incensed that the employee still had a job. Suggestions were many, including boycotting the store.


The Connecticut State Police, however, tweeted:

Watch the video, via NBC New York.

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