Texas Dept. of Public Safety has CHILLING answer when asked if ISIS has crossed Tex-Mex border

border-agentThe director of the Texas Department of Public Safety had a chilling response about the possibility of  Islamic State extremists crossing the southern border.

At the Texas Border Coalition annual meeting in Laredo, Thursday, director Steven McCraw was asked if any suspected members of the group had ever been apprehended on the Texas-Mexico border.

“Individuals that come across the Texas-Mexican border from countries with a known terrorism presence, and the answer to that is yes,” McCraw said, according to local NBC affiliate KGNS-TV.

Director McCraw was the keynote speaker at the event.

“We have individuals that we’ve needed to debrief in Pashto/Dari. Not a lot of Pashto and Dari speakers around. But you can’t think about the last attack,” he added. “You have to think of the next attack and where our vulnerabilities are. So, we’re concerned about that.”

KGNS reported:

McCraw added that the DPS also has a contingency plan involving increasing security at ports of entry, should violence spillover from Mexico. The DPS also works alongside Border Patrol watching the border through the use of about 5,000 motion-detection cameras on the border.

So much for border security. Folks took to social media to express their anger.

Watch the news clip, via KGNS.


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