Obama not welcome in Oregon town after politicizing murders, says publisher

David-JacquesPresident Barack Obama isn’t welcome in Roseburg, Oregon.

The publisher of the Roseburg Beacon, a publication serving the area where Oregon’s Umpqua Community College mass shooting took place last Thursday, said that the president would not be welcome there after he politicized the tragedy in a call for gun control.

David Jaques said that because Obama “has no connection with this community,” it would be “very inappropriate and … disrespectful to the families” of the victims to make an appearance there to further politicize the event.

While authorities were still in the process of containing the scene and identifying the bodies, the president implied “he single-handedly could have prevented this if Congress would have listened to him,”  Jaques told a reporter.

Any appearance there would be nothing more than a “campaign stop” to push an agenda “to take away Americans’ right to own firearms.”

“It shows not only a total disdain and disregard for our Constitution, but our very citizens, but especially those of us right here in Douglas county,” he said, adding, “We believe in the Second Amendment. We believe in the whole Constitution.”

Watch the interview below.


205 thoughts on “Obama not welcome in Oregon town after politicizing murders, says publisher

  1. Terry Michael Fitzgerald says:

    I agree.

  2. tsigili says:

    Obama is the anti-Constitution………every which way.

    Thanks for standing up for the people, and not the dictator, Mr. publisher.

  3. Mr. Spiffy says:

    It’s going to be a much better country once anti-American thugs like David Jacques die off.

    1. AFlaVet says:


  4. Jake Spooz says:

    Hopefully, the asswípe will drive past my property and I can get off a good shot.

    1. Waykent says:

      The president is not visiting Malaysia any time soon.

      1. Jake Spooz says:

        I have a vacation home in Oregon. You have no idea where I am….remember it was Croatia, I could be back in Ocean County, NJ

      2. Jake Spooz says:

        Please provide proof.

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