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High School cancels ‘America Day’ so no one gets offended, students fight back!

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Students at a Wyoming high school were outraged last week after the principal and an assistant principal canceled “America Pride Day” to ensure that some immigrant students did not feel left out or offended by the display of American pride.

“I’m charged with looking at a school with 660 kids, and I have to ensure that all those kids feel part of a student body,” Jackson Hole High principal Scott Crisp told the Jackson Hole News & Guide. “Regardless of the name of the day, we want to ensure that activities of the week … bring our students together holistically as a student body.”

A large group of the high school students decided to fight back against this PC nonsense in the most epic way possible. They defiantly decked themselves out in patriotic American flag attire including American flag capes, American flag headbands and American flag shorts.

One kid also drove a diesel truck around the parking lot after school with a bunch of American flags waving in the breeze.

One of the student’s parents took to social media to show solidarity and speak out against the school’s “political correctness.”


Principal Scott Crisp claims that “three times as many students indicated that they were not in support of selecting the title ‘America Day,’” but pointedly failed to identify the students who might feel left out upon seeing American flags.

Alicia Powe


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