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Crazy! Seattle wants you to give 25$ vouchers to favorite candidate instead of allowing you to donate

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Seattle Honest ElectionsFrom the city that brought you a $15 an hour minimum wage and rainbow colored crosswalks for gay pride, comes another ridiculous idea.

Seattle residents are being asked to vote on a proposal that will give each Emerald City resident four $25 vouchers to give to their favorite candidate or candidates, while simultaneously putting a cap on the amount of money given by a person or company to a candidate.

The vote will take place in November and, while proponents say it will make elections more “honest,”  those opposing the I-122 Honest Elections initiative say it will backfire and make elections more corrupt.

“Voters are concerned that big money interests have too much power over our government, and what that forms is apathy. It forms distrust and then we see a decline in voter turnout,” supporter Heather Weiner told King 5. “What we’re trying to do through I-122 is increase voter trust and involvement in the democratic system.”

Former Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission Chair Robert Mahon says it will do more harm than good.

“This is a system which is easy to defraud,” he told King 5, and Michele Radosevich, another former chair of the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission, agreed.

“I think campaign finance reform is a great idea; this is just the wrong way to do it,” she said.

“I’m afraid that’s what we’ll see, so instead of taking special interests out of the equation, you’ll have special interests involved in collecting and amassing these vouchers in order to give them to their favorite candidates, and that will give them more power than they have right now.”

Watch the King 5 report below.

Carmine Sabia


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