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CBS version of presidential oath on ‘Madam Secretary’ is bad sign for America’s future

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oathEver so subtly, the removal of God from the public square continues in earnest.

The latest example of this is from CBS, as seen on Sunday’s episode of “Madam Secretary,” where the fictional character Elizabeth McCord finds herself in the improbable position of assuming the role of president of the United States, according to Newsbusters.

McCord, played by actress Tea Leoni, places her hand on the Bible — which is apparently still permitted, for now — and recites the familiar oath.

Save for one line.

Madam Secretary repeats the last line, “…preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” which is traditionally followed by “So help me God.”

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But, the fictional Supreme Court chief justice holding the Bible, played by liberal Hollywood moonbat and the show’s executive producer, Morgan Freeman, concludes the oath without the reference, saying: “Good luck, ma’am.”

“So Help Me God” is not a part of the official oath, as noted by Newsbusters, but most presidents include it. Even the left’s “messiah,” President Barack Obama, said it.

Many believe that George Washington added the phrase after taking the very first oath, although the secular crowd disputes this.

Either way, score another one for secular progressives … and we wonder why America struggles with moral depravity.

Tom Tillison


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