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Trump schools ‘Meet the Press’ with some lessons about guns rights in America

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Trump Meet The PressRepublican front-runner Donald Trump turned gun-grabbing arguments on their head Sunday with some simple realities about guns in the United States.

The first is that gun laws by themselves don’t do anything to insure safety.

The second is that mass killings are going to occur regardless of any gun legislation President Obama proposes.

“No matter what you do, guns, no guns — it doesn’t matter, you have people that are mentally ill and they’re gonna come through the cracks, he told host Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet The Press” in an interview to air Sunday.

The Republican presidential front-runner believes the focus needs to be on mental health to prevent copycat crimes.

“They’re just sick people. They are mentally imbalanced,” he said adding that people tend to copy crimes like the massacre at Umpqua Community College in Oregon that left 10 dead this week.

Trump said gun laws have proven to not equal safety — so inhibiting the rights of Americans to self-defense is actually self-defeating.

“You take Chicago, you take Baltimore, you take various other places where you have tremendous gun violence and death,” he said. “The strictest laws in the United States — in the world — for guns happens to be Chicago where they have a lot of problems. Baltimore, a lot of the places where you have the biggest problem is where they have the strongest laws.”

Todd asked if there were too many guns in America but Trump said the case could be made that there aren’t enough where they matter, like the Oregon school shooting.

“I can make the case that if there were guns in that room other than his, fewer people would have died,” he said.

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