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Syrian refugees or a Trojan Horse? ‘The greatest military coup of all time,’ Trump warns

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donald-trump-invasionWestern governments that accept Syrian refugees think they’re performing a humanitarian gesture, but could be setting themselves up for an outright invasion Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Saturday.

“This could be the greatest military coups of all time,” he said on Fox News Channel’s “Cashin’ In.”

“They were talking about 3,000 people coming,” he told program host Eric Bolling at about the 4:45 mark.

“Then I heard 10 [thousand], then I heard 25 [thousand], then I heard 200,000 people. And Eric, if you look at this migration, it’s mostly men. And they look like young men, and strong men, and they look like fighters. And the first thing I said was, ‘why aren’t they fighting for their own country?’”

After Trump predicted that at least some of the “refugees” could be Islamic State militants, he concluded, “This could be a Trojan horse.”

Watch the interview.


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