Social media shreds Planned Parenthood over Oregon shooting comment: ‘You kill every day!’

Sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone.

As president of the largest abortion provider in the United States — 327,653 in FY 2013 alone — Cecile Richards would have been better served by not making a public comment about the mass shooting in Oregon last week that saw 10 people die, including the shooter.

Then again, there’s a reason liberals are seen as moral busybodies awash in arrogance and audacity.

Either way, Richards posted a seemingly harmless message on social media the day of the shooting:

But her remark prompted social media users unable to look past the grisly results of Richards’ chosen profession to react, with one user summing it up well: “You kill every day.”

GoFundMe page for Oregon hero Chris Mintz tops 1/2 million dollars in 24 hours

Here’s a sampling of the responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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