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‘Pathetically giving up!’ Judge Jeanine slams Obama as Russia takes over US leadership role

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Jeanine Pirro Opening StatementThe United States is losing power and influence under President Obama and Vladimir Putin’s Russia is picking it up to create a new world order.

That was the take Saturday from Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro, who used her “Opening Statement” on “Justice with Judge Jeanine” to explain that Putin is attempting to take the title of world’s superpower from the U.S. and Obama’s weakness is helping him.

“With Barack Obama as commander in chief, the United States is recklessly and pathetically giving up as the world’s superpower,” she said.

She also detailed how the weakness Obama showed in the Iran deal and his incompetent response to the Syrian civil war has set the stage for Putin’s takeover.

“Putin is not stupid. He watched the United States get eaten up in the Tehran deal. And then, after meeting with our president, within hours, starts bombing the very people that we are supporting in Syria on the pretext of going after ISIS. And they told us to get out of Syria’s air space. And the worst that we could do was say that Russia was acting ‘unprofessional.’”

And like the Soviet Union in the 1980s, Russia is at the helm of building a new force to capture world power, Pirro said.

“There is a new world order that’s being created: Iran, Russia, Syria, and Iraq. A Shiite presence that we are incapable of fighting or understanding.”

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