ESPN stirs uproar when interview cuts away from coach thanking God; apology doesn’t cut it

dabo-scSocial media was on fire Sunday with accusations that sports giant ESPN abruptly interrupted a post-game interview Saturday as soon as a coach started talking about God, but the network claims it was all just an accident.

And apologized for the incident.

After squeaking past Notre Dame 24-22 Saturday night, winning Clemson coach Dabo Swinney explained what led to his team’s victory.

“Tonight it was BYOG — bring your own guts. And they brought some guts and some heart and they never quit until the last play,” he said.

So far, so good. Then Swinney mentioned God and got cut off.

“And thank you to the good Lord and my dad who was with me –”

At that point Swinney’s interview ended mid-sentence and the controller switched to the ESPN SportsCenter set, where hosts Jay Harris and Kevin Connors appeared oblivious that they were on the air.

After 15 seconds of showing the two fiddle with their tablets, the controller cut back to the tail-end of Swinney’s interview.

ESPN senior PR director Keri Potts tweeted the network’s apologies, and claimed it was all inadvertent.

But a lot of viewers weren’t buying it.


ESPN can claim technical problems all it wants — and to be fair, it certainly looked more like a snafu than some deliberate censorship.

But the network should surely understand why its doubters don’t believe it was an accident.

This guy makes the case pretty well.

Sure looks that way.



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