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Humane Fla. landscaper paves walkway for paralyzed man who kept falling in sod

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Domingo MatosA Florida landscaping company came to the aid of a wheelchair user who asked for help on Facebook.

Domingo Matos, 30, from Collier County, was left paralyzed 11 years ago when he was shot four times after walking in on a robbery at a friend’s house. The incident left him permanently unable to move.

The walkway in front of his house was causing him to fall out of his wheelchair and hurt himself, so he reached out to local community members via Facebook to ask for any help they could provide, WINK-TV reported.

“Turning on the little sidewalk part, my wheels have come off and I’ve gone straight to the sod,” Matos said. “I hit my head really bad, my neck, shoulder, hip.”

“Death trap, definitely a death trap,” the owner of Outdoor Perfections, Derek Jenks, said. “We removed the sod that was here and measured out 5-feet, so he can get easy access with his electrical wheelchair here. He could actually drive down it turn around on it without falling over.”

Matos was extremely grateful for the effort.

“There’s a lot of people out there that would have just saw it and said ‘whatever,’” Matos said. “They’re exceptional people and they have a good heart.”

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