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Angry homeowner fights HOA’s assault on American flag: ‘That’s NOT a holiday decoration’

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am-flagA Utah homeowner’s association took on more than they ever bargained for when they deemed the American flag to be a “holiday decoration,”  fining residents who fly Old Glory year-round.

According to residents of the Chestnut Place condominium community, they were free to fly flags up until last week, when things suddenly changed, according to KSTU-TV.

“After the last board meeting, we were leaving and two members of the board and a resident said they were tired of looking at the flag,” said Jo Ann Dugay, who is one of five home owners association board members. “They said ‘is this flag row?’ And that something needed to be done about it.”

Subsequently, residents were told last week to take down the flags.

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But one resident, Erin Worthen, refused to comply.

“I’m not taking it down, that’s one thing I won’t do,” she said.

“That is not a holiday decoration,” Worthen told KSTU-TV. “People have died for that, it is not a holiday decoration.”

Her love of country resulted in a $75 fine, along with a notice that said: “All exterior decorations must be removed within 10 days following the holiday… Please remove your flag from the common area.”

Lyn Steinbergen, the homeowners association president, stood by the decision, saying she was tired of seeing flags, KSTU-TV reported.

“Flags are flown on holiday events,” Steinbergen said. “All we are trying to do is regulate when the flag goes up, and when it comes down.”

The controversy drew a full house at Thursday’s scheduled homeowners association meeting, save a board member or two, resulting in the meeting being cancelled.

Worthen did show up, and she had a message for the board: “I have a legal right to fly my American flag, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it!”

Tom Tillison


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