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Hillary’s brother busted as Ashley Madison user, but wife says, he did not have sexual relations with . . .

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An important man in Hillary Clinton’s life has been caught on the cheating website Ashley Madison, but it’s not who you might think.

In the aftermath of the adultery matchmaking website being hacked in August, many social media users joked that former President Bill Clinton would be found to be a user. They were not, apparently, too far off the mark.

It was revealed Thursday that the Democratic presidential front runner’s brother, Tony Rodham, was discovered among those with personal ads on the website, according to the Daily Mail.

Photo credit Facebook.
Photo credit Facebook.

But just like her sister-in-law, Rodham’s wife, Megan Madden Rodham, is standing by her man.

“’I know everything about Tony and everything he does online. I know all his passwords,” she told the Daily Mail, insisting she knew all about her husband’s presence on the website.

“I’m fine with it. He is not the sort of man who would take it any further,” she said, outside of the couple’s extravagant mansion in Vienna, Virginia.

“He is a good man, a good father and a good husband. You can quote me on that,” she added.

“I can’t understand why you would be interested in him, she said, standing near her SUV that sports a “Hillary for America” bumper sticker. “He is a very private person.”

Megan Rodham
Photo credit Daily Mail.

And, like her sister-in-law decades earlier, it appears Megan Rodham is in a state of denial.

“We are very happy and I know he has not cheated on me,” she told the Mail.


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