‘They’re not going to get what they want’: Jeb slams conservatives, says Boehner’s done a ‘good job’


Presidential contender Jeb Bush had nothing but praise for resigning House Speaker John Boehner, but a warning for conservatives who want more than business as usual from the government.

In a wide-ranging interview with CNN’s Dana Bash that aired Wednesday, Bush was challenged to counter his “very good friend” Boehner’s image as out of touch with grass-roots Republicans.

“So, John Boehner passed, through his body, repeal of Obamacare, reform of the FDA, passed a budget that limited spending,” Bush replied, defending the speaker’s record.

He continued, “In fact, spending has been limited under his leadership, and it’s smaller today than it was four or five years ago, as it relates to — in the post-stimulus era. He’s done a good job.”

“Why wasn’t that enough?” Bash pressed.

Replying to her question, Bush lashed out at House conservatives.

“Because a small number of members of the Republican caucus that want more, and they’re willing to disrupt the whole process to be able to get what they want,” he said.

Giving a taste of what a Jeb Bush presidency would be like for conservatives, the former Florida governor and third Bush to seek the presidency said this:

But they’re not going to get what they want. I mean, the irony of this is that the next leader’s going to have the exact same problems.

Perhaps Bush missed the irony of his own statement: What he really meant is that if the next leader is himself,  America will have the exact same problems we have now.  That might explain why he is running fifth in the polls.

Watch the interview here.

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Steve Berman


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