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Rep. Luis Gutierrez sparks furious backlash over bill to open Obamacare for ILLEGALS

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luis guterrezRep. Luis Gutiérrez now wants to make Obamacare accessible to illegal immigrants.

Igniting fury among conservatives on social media, the Illinois Democrat introduced a bill Wednesday that would allow immigrants who crossed the border illegally, or who overextended their visa, to sign up for coverage under Obamacare.

“Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you means moving forward with no restrictions on which brother and sister and neighbor we think of as ‘eligible’ or ‘deserving,’ ” Guttierrez said in his House floor speech.

“That is why I am introducing the Exchange Inclusion for a Healthy America Act of 2015, a bill to give people complete access to the Affordable Care Act regardless of their immigration status.

“As a nation, we all benefit when we spread the risk, require younger, healthier workers to join our exchanges with the rest of us, reduce the costs of compensating hospitals for caring for the uninsured, and decrease the number of uninsured who live and work here,” Gutiérrez said.

The Affordable Care Act specifically excludes illegal immigrants from obtaining health care coverage through its insurance exchanges insurance exchanges.

Watch the speech, then catch the social media reaction below.

H/T: Daily Surge

This one about sums it up.


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