Homophobic? Racist? Trump handles CNN’s Don Lemon like a boss

donald-trump-lemonIn an effort to give Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a chance to respond to his critics, CNN host Don Lemon asked him Wednesday if he was racist or a homophobe.

Lemon once again brought up the New Hampshire town hall meeting where Trump didn’t correct a man who said President Barack Obama is a foreign-born Muslim.

The real estate magnate said if he were confronted with a similar scenario in the future, he would probably handle it the same way.

“I don’t think I have to defend President Obama,” he said.

When asked whether Muslims are a problem, Trump said “A certain segment are certainly a problem.” He added that American Muslims believe we have a bigger problem with radical Islam than non-Muslim Americans.

Lemon then asked, “Do you think that you are homophobic?”

“No. I think that I’m a very nice person. I love people,” he answered.

“Some people may perceive you as racist,” Lemon said, switching gears. “Answer that.”

“So I just did a speech for the African-American Chamber of Commerce in South Carolina,” Trump said. “They just wrote the most beautiful letter I’ve seen in a long time, saying how unfairly I’ve been treated by the press.”

CNN reported that Trump spoke to a half-filled room of mostly white people at that particular event.

“The dais was packed with people,” Trump said. “And CNN in particular made me look bad.”

Watch the clip, via CNN.


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