Hillary freaked out over State Dept’s gay-friendly terms; new email exposes fear of Palin and Fox News

hillaryrainbow01001The nation’s top diplomat was frightened of Fox.

Hillary Clinton personally overturned a State Department decision to eliminate mothers and fathers from United States passport applications while she was secretary of state, complaining to her aides that she wasn’t going to defend the new gay-friendly form before a “Fox-generated media storm.”

According to emails released Wednesday, Clinton wrote in 2011 to complain that a proposal to substitute the words “mother” and “father” on passport applications with the gender-neutral “parent one” and “parent two” would leave her open to attacks from Republicans in Congress.


The proposal was dropped.

According to National Review, Clinton first learned about the proposal from the Washington Post in January 2011, but it had been announced by her own department in a news release a month earlier, explaining that the change was being made “to provide a gender-neutral description of a child’s parents and in recognition of different types of families.”

That’s progressive talk that candidate Clinton would be cheering while she chases the Democratic nomination.

But in 2011, facing Republicans in Congress and a media storm “led by Palin et al,” she was singing a different tune.


Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


15 thoughts on “Hillary freaked out over State Dept’s gay-friendly terms; new email exposes fear of Palin and Fox News

  1. MCS says:

    McCarthy admits benghazi hearings were about destroying hillary Clinton

    1. Neil G says:

      “What difference does it make?”

      1. MCS says:

        It makes a big difference. Scumbag GOP playing dirty

        1. Kenneth Clark says:

          When someone robs a bank and shoots four guards in the process, is it “Playing Dirty” to go after the criminal?

        2. John Campbell says:

          If the dirt wasn’t there, there would be nothing to play with. You hung yourself. :o)

    2. Kim Nguyen says:

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    4. John Campbell says:


      How fitting. The one up vote you got was from a corner mattress rental spammer. :o)

  2. "The Eastern Diamondback" says:

    They are generally losers, traitors, reprobates, libtards and communist.Does any of this surprise any one?

    What should surprise people is there are despicable people that will vote for them! KNOWING they are filthy scum! That a lot of these reprobates aren’t in chains for their traitorous activities!

    1. MCS says:

      McCarthy scum

      1. "The Eastern Diamondback" says:

        We’ve really got to get these people out and some decent people in. The only thing Clinton needs is time in the cooler. Jeb has destroyed Florida or at minimum watched it happen. There are a few I see that are OK. It’s not many!

      2. ooddballz says:

        History proved McCarthy was right.

  3. MCS says:

    You can belying that or the truth. GOP is still scared of Clinton

    1. Steve Bartnes says:

      At what point do liberals realize their candidate is untrustworthy. I guess she can always resign from jail like Jesse Jackson JR did.

    2. John Campbell says:

      It appears that to this day the Left is still scared of Palin. What’s it like to live in such abject fear, year after year, while knowing full well that your own are the scum of the earth? Dictatorship doesn’t bother you so long as it’s yours. Liberty, freedom, rights, need not apply. The elite know all, see all, know all better than the unwashed masses.

      Now deal with the reality you created. As I type this the Democratic party is in turmoil, eating at itself and eating it’s own. The worship of the socialist government cult god is now demanding the sacrifice of yourself for the greater good. Conservative Democrats are stepping away from the almighty (D) as they wish not to be branded as socialist traitors. Who can blame them? No one wants to be associated with the evils of wannabe dictators. The party platform is no more and will not be again until the members, the registered Democrat voter, are able to publicly have this discussion about what the (D) truly represents, Socialist or Democrat. Without a platform there is no party and no reason to exist.

      Each and every one of the Democrat hopefuls is going to have to fully articulate in their own words, not as a unified response, what it is to be a Democrat versus, as in contrast, what it is to be a socialist. Anything short of that will expose a conspiring of a response and the people will see it. The DNC cannot save you now.

      Bad enough that the DNC (Politburo) has been overrun by socialists, but now the registered Democrat voters are becoming wise to the manipulation, the deceit, the lies, the maneuvering to throw them into a socialist traitor cesspool. No longer will you be able to hide behind a party name while sponsoring those who seek to overthrow our form of government from within. The “Democratic Socialists of America”, along with their charter, and the “Progressive Caucus” are now going to be questioned for who and what they really are. What will emerge? The Democratic Party or the new Socialist Party? If we leave it up to Communist Party USA then we already know since the Communist party filed a copyright infringement complaint against the Democratic party for having copied the communist party platform near word for word and relabeled it as “Progressive”.

      Either way you lose. The party will either proclaim it’s socialist traitors are in charge or the socialists will be dumped. People will leave the former party depending upon the ultimate reality that surfaces. Either Democrats take back their party or socialists take over. One way or another, you lose. :o)

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