Giuliani says foreign dignitaries, world leaders like Trump: They’re tired of weak president

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said that several world dignitaries have told him that they long to see strong American leadership again, and for that […]

Pelosi goes off the deep end when asked if a baby is human; ‘might be the dumbest response in history’

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi turned on her most strident tone Thursday when a reporter asked her point blank a question she refused to answer. But it […]

DC SCANDAL: Angry congressman scared of Secret Service power after it leaked his personal info as retribution

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz blasted the U.S. Secret Service for revealing private information about him to the press, a move prompted by […]

School shooting in Oregon leaves up to 10 dead, over 20 injured

Seven to 10people were killed and than 20 others injured in a Thursday morning shooting at an Oregon community college campus, CNN reported. The shooting to […]

GOP congressman, whose mom died of breast cancer, explodes: ‘I’m tired of getting lectures from Democrats!’

Jason Chaffetz finally had enough. After sparring with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in a lengthy interview about Planned Parenthood Wednesday, the Utah Republican got tired of hearing Blitzer […]

EIGHT players on Iranian women’s soccer team are MEN . . . because rules are for wuss nations

The “Caitlyn” Jenner crowd might approve, but Iran’s football association is being accused of engaging in “unethical” behavior by including eight men on its national women’s soccer […]

‘Can’t make this stuff up’; huge brawl erupts at failing high school named after Barack Obama

While it’s much too early to write President Obama‘s epitaph asthe 44th president of the United States, the behavior this week at a Milwaukee high school named […]

‘They’re not going to get what they want’: Jeb slams conservatives, says Boehner’s done a ‘good job’

Presidential contender Jeb Bushhad nothing but praise for resigning House Speaker John Boehner, buta warning for conservatives who want than business as usual from the government. […]

Rep. Luis Gutierrez sparks furious backlash over bill to open Obamacare for ILLEGALS

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez now wants to make Obamacare accessible to illegal immigrants. Igniting fury among conservatives on social media, the Illinois Democrat introduced a bill Wednesday that […]

Ben Carson’s record-shattering donations soar, campaign warns GOP elite of ‘new reality’

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson continues to surge in a crowded Republican primary field,and the candidate’s record haul of campaign donations is proving the favorable results are no […]

Parents allegedly storm high school football locker room, brawl with players of opposing team

A rivalry high school football game in Southern California turned violent, both on and off the field, after a group of parents allegedly attacked several players in […]

Carson’s joke about mischievous youth may cost him cops’ vote: Back ‘before they would shoot you’

Dr. Ben Carson tried to make a je but ended up making heads Wednesday during a speech at a New Hampshire campaign event about his wayward youth […]