Ben Carson slams media, politicians for ‘manipulating’ black America; how he’s changing things

The outrage being unleashed by Black Lives Matter thugs into American streets and culture is no accident, according to retired neurosurgeon and presidential contender Ben Carson. Taking […]

Hillary takes ANOTHER hit! Teamsters snub her, talk up supporting Trump’s jobs agenda

Hillary Clinton was just hit with a crushing blow by America’s toughest union, the Teamsters. Fox News’ James Rosen reported Tuesday that union officials held a closed-door […]

Trey Gowdy puts Planned Parenthood boss through the wringer; wipes the smile off her face

Cecile Richards did her best to defend the baby chop shop known as Planned Parenthood, until she ran into the buzz saw known as Trey Gowdy. The […]

Krauthammer slams Obama’s ‘utter passivity’ — Russia ORDERS American planes out of Syria

What really went on in that short one-on-one meeting between President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the United Nations Monday? Americans may never know, but […]

Bombshell report of secret meeting of Pope Francis and Kim Davis takes Internet by storm

This will put a damper on the progressive left’s infatuation with the pope. A secret meeting took place last week between Pope Francis and embattled Kentucky clerk […]

Trump back on Fox News, responds to Muslim’s accusation of ‘blood on their hands’

Donald Trump ended his boycott of Fox News Tuesday, responding to comments on Muslims — and name-calling that isn’t “presidential.” Trump, appearing with Bill O’Reilly on “The […]

GOP Debate
Florida Five: GOP confirms 4 for Sunshine Summit, Underdog Webster a fave for some

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Despite favorite sons, Florida GOP wooing other contenders – A first-of-its-kind summit in Florida has secured commitments […]

Carl’s Jr. ad sells sex – and a southern border wall – and sex

The marketing masters of the Carl’s Jr. fast-food chain have noticed just how hot a topic immigration is these days – and made it even hotter. An […]

Muslim man admits strangling his daughter for ‘dishonor’ after she was caught stealing condoms

The family had been arguing about Lareeb Khan’s boyfriend . . .

Michelle O on what bugs her about being FLOTUS

Life as the first lady is tough, according to Michelle Obama. When she appeared on the CBS’ “The Late Show” Monday host Stephen Colbert the first lady […]

British prime minister confronts Obama: ISLAM is the problem, ‘Barack’

When British Prime Minister David Cameron took the podium on Tuesday after President Obama, he had some frank talk for a United Nations summit on defeating the […]

Kanye West to perform in Obama’s presence ordered to SHUT UP and sing

Kanye West is set to perform at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in October attended by  President Obama — but there’s a catch. The rapper, who claims to […]