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Obama’s EPA issues warning about SUNLIGHT — and social media ridicule follows

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The EPA may have just jumped the environmental shark.

The Environmental Protection Agency tweeted out a warning, as part of its war against so-called climate change, alerting Americans that sunny days can actually harm plants and other living beings.

Viewers are going to have to guess as to the EPA’s reasoning, because the linked-to article is no longer available for some reason (probably the amount of public scorn it generated).

But apparently, the agency is concerned about the disastrous effects of too much sun on the natural environment, arguing that it can build up ozone in the environment and essentially destroy the plants that feed off of its live-giving rays, reported Twitchy.

Either EPA scientists missed a couple days of Botany 101, or they don’t quite remember their elementary school biology class.

Social media users were quick to savage the “weapon’s grade stupidity” of the EPA’s newly-announced anti-sunshine agenda.

Of course, the inevitable question was finally asked:

After being ruthlessly mocked on social media, the link explaining the EPA’s allegation suddenly stopped working. Maybe, it was hacked by pro-sun activists?

The fact that this kind of kindergarten “science” came from the same federal agency that tells us not to question their “global warming” talking-points is probably good reason for concern.

After all, unlike “global warming,” the facts behind the sun’s beneficial role in plant life is pretty much “settled science.”

Michael Schaus


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