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Megyn Kelly, Dana Loesch team up on gun-grabbing ‘Pinhead’; ‘this guy gets HATEFUL’

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Dana Loesch Megyn KellyDana Loesch is firing back at the anti-gun extremist who published a video on social media showing the popular gun-rights activist shooting herself in the head.

Loesch, an author and political commentator, appeared on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” Tuesday blasting the attack, which was a doctored video of Loesch’s pro-National Rifle Association ad, and the attacker, saying she took it seriously enough to go to the FBI.

Loesch said this individual, who appropriately goes by the moniker “Pinhead,” had harassed her before on social media.

Unfortunately, Loesch said, she was unable to stop her teenage son from seeing the video as he watched it before she was able to talk to him.

“It’s always the people who hate guns, and they don’t want anyone else to lawfully posses them that want you to die by a gun,” Loesch said.

“You know, me wanting to be a law-abiding, Second Amendment practitioner does not magically put a gun into the hand of anyone who does not want one. It does not magically arm criminals either.”

Watch the segment below.

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