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‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ tricks Hillary voters into agreeing with Trump — and they don’t like it

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kimmel0930playbuttonLate-night comedy generally reserves its fire for Republicans, but when the guns turn on Democrat candidates — and their low-information voters — the results can be devastating.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” proved that Tuesday night, with a series of interviews of self-proclaimed Hillary Clinton supporters who answered questions about what they thought was their candidates’ proposed tax plan.

They supported to a man — and woman — because everything Hillary does is for “everyday Americans.”

Then they found out the ideas were actually being put forward by Donald Trump — the Republican front-runner and public enemy No. 1 in the liberal worldview.

What’s really interesting about the reaction when they found out is that knowing where the ideas came from didn’t make the Hillary supporters like them any less. And it didn’t make them like Trump more.

Even having more information won’t help low-information voters.



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