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Hillary takes ANOTHER hit! Teamsters snub her, talk up supporting Trump’s jobs agenda

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Trump Biden HillaryHillary Clinton was just hit with a crushing blow by America’s toughest union, the Teamsters.

Fox News’ James Rosen reported Tuesday that union officials held a closed-door meeting and decided to withhold support of the Democrat front-runner for three key reasons.

The first was to send a strong message that the union is unhappy with Hillary’s opposition to the Keystone Pipeline, and the second was to see if Vice President Joe Biden will jump into the race.

But the most surprising reason is that the union — normally a staunch ally of Democrat candidates — wants to meet with Donald Trump to hear more about his plans to get American jobs back from overseas.

“Fox News has learned exclusively that the 26 member board decided unanimously to withhold a presidential endorsement at this time,” Rosen said. “Union executives told me they want to sit down with Republican candidates, most notably, front-runner Donald Trump who has collaborated with unionized work forces across his real estate career.”

Watch the report below.

Carmine Sabia


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