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Confused woman uses BUILDER’S FOAM for hair gel, and the results are hair-raising …

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There are mistakes in life, and then there are MISTAKES.

After confusing builder’s foam for mousse, a woman got more “volume” than she ever bargained for.

Giving a whole new meaning to a bad hair day, an image of the woman sitting in a hospital emergency room thought to be in Eastern Europe was shared on social media, according to the New York Daily News.

Builder’s foam, aka polyurethane foam, is used to fills cracks and voids in a home — the substance expands and takes the shape of the area being filled, the Daily News reported.

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The reaction on social media suggests that alcohol may have been an added ingredient — consumed, not applied to her hair. Others are certain the woman’s poor husband will be blamed. And while it’s not very nice to laugh at another’s misfortune, one user asked: “Hospital? Why not Home Depot?”

Tom Tillison


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