‘Freudian slip?’ O’Reilly accidentally calls John Boehner something ironic

Was it a slip of the tongue? Or did Bill O’Reilly just say what many conservatives already know? In Monday’s “Talking Points” segment on Fox News, O’Reilly opined that […]

Big-government task force unleashed to ‘fix’ Common Core – MORE government?

When their liberal policies show signs of complete failure, there’s really only one thing left for progressives to do: Create a task force. Admitting that Common Core […]

Ben Carson tells NASCAR fans to keep flying Confederate flag; ‘I wouldn’t take it down’

Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson isn’t afraid of the PC police. While touring a camp for disabled children with retired NASCAR driver Richard Petty, Carson said he […]

Trump’s ONE-PAGE ‘I Win’ tax plan is so good even Democrats can love it

Donald Trump’s tax reform plan can–quite literally–be summed up in two words: “I win.” For many Americans, all they would file with the IRS is a one […]

‘Blood on their hands!’ Trump, Carson to blame if gunmen shoot Muslims in US mosques, says CNN analyst

A CNN foreign policy analyst blasted Republican base voters for supporting candidates Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz saying they will be responsible if violence breaks […]

It’s on! Pro-life social media to ‘BlackOut’ Planned Parenthood’s ‘PinkOut’ propaganda day

The nation’s largest abortion provider is asking supporters to wear pink on Tuesday to show support for its butcher business of selling dismembered baby body parts, but […]

‘War served cold’: Photo op between Putin and Obama didn’t go so well

If any proof was needed that the relationship between the U.S. and Russia is as cold as the Siberian winter, this is it. President Obama and Russian […]

‘We’re doomed’: Obama said something REALLY ‘chilling’ in UN address

This is where “hope and change” have led . . .

‘Boycott’ ends: Here’s why Trump is returning to Fox’s ‘O’Reilly Factor’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump will be working with Fox after all. Less than a week after publicly declaring he wouldn’t be “doing any more Fox shows […]

Florida Five: Did Grayson illegally campaign from House office?, Putnam calls for crucial water policy

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: What part of ‘no campaigning from House office’ does Alan Grayson not get? – Alan Grayson simply […]