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Muslim man admits strangling his daughter for ‘dishonor’ after she was caught stealing condoms

Lareeb Khan was strangled by her enraged father in Germany in January because she’s been caught stealing condoms to use with a man he’d forbidden her to see.

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Those open-border liberals cheering the way Germany is accepting hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan better get used to hearing stories like this.

A Muslim immigrant from Pakistan who strangled his daughter and hid her body in a forest told a courtroom he killed her because he was enraged that she’d been caught stealing condoms.

According to the Australian news agency News.com.au, the murder took place in Darmstadt, Germany, in January when 51-year-old Asadullah Khan killed 19-year-old daughter, Lareeb Khan for bringing “dishonor” to her family with a man she’d been forbidden to date.

His wife, Shazia Khan, told the German court she helped her husband hide the woman’s body because she was afraid of him.

The family had been arguing about Lareeb Khan’s boyfriend, the news agency reported, and Asadullah Khan had attempted to strangle his daughter once before.

According to the Daily Mail, Shazia Khan’s lawyer read a statement in court describing how her daughter had left home briefly and stopped wearing her headscarf. She had returned home, though, when a letter arrived from police about the attempted condom theft.

“At this point it became clear that there was sexual contact,” the statement said. “When I showed the letter to my husband he snapped.”

Asadullah Khan went into his daughter’s room as she slept and strangled her.

Both Khans are charged in the woman’s killing. Their younger daughter, 14-year-old Nida, was sent to a relative’s house the night her sister was killed.

She “wants nothing more to do with her parents,” the Daily Mail reported.


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